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Wedding Dress with Cowboy Boots

Autor: Creature Studio
4 jul 2022
Who said you can't be the princess you always dreamed of being on your wedding day, but at the same time being a powerful, authentic and iconic woman? Look here for all the tips to be the most revolutionary bride and impose your style wearing wedding dress with cowgirl boots.

We have all dreamed of our wedding as one of the most unique and unforgettable moments of our live, and although it sounds cliché, it is the perfect occasion to show your authentic side and shine as you have always imagined.

We are convinced that the world has been transformed, and that we have to be brave to break the rules. Having a completely unusual wedding is something that any couple should look for today, and without a doubt, thinking of wedding dress with cowgirl boots represent that touch of sophistication but rebellious at the same time, and will bode well for the love story that is about to begin. botas para novia


The trend of country wedding dresses with boots is not something new, we have previously seen this twist over the years, this trend is becoming more and more part of the choice of footwear for a totally different wedding look.

This new style of bridal boots creates an alternative environment, encouraging you to reflect your personality, feeling yourself on this day and enjoying every part of the process, as well as the celebration itself.

This trend of wedding dress with boots is all about taking risks and doing things your way on such a special day!

Break the rules by taking your wedding to the next level and adding cowboy boots to your outfit… Leave behind the typical dress standards.


Which of our boots are the best to wear on your wedding day?

At Mezcalero we want this day to be unforgettable and for you to explode your imagination and feel more confident than ever when putting on your wedding attire.

If what you are looking for is a risky look for your wedding dress with boots, add a touch of electric and fun colors with these booties:

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On the other hand, if you want to add a different touch, keeping the conservative side with a classic color palette of neutral tones, this is our second selection of wedding dress with boots -which is more in line with the western trend.


Now that you have more ideas about this trend in mind, join us and let yourself be inspired by our special selection of country wedding dresses with boots.

Turn your inspiration into the wedding of your dreams!

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