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How to Use Winery Outfits

Autor: Creature Studio
31 ago 2022
If you are looking for some stylish and casual winery outfits to wear this weekend, take a look at this blog.

If you enjoy tasting a good wine, then surely you also enjoy one of the most enriching, fun and charming tourist activities: wine tourism, an activity in which wine-growing environments are visited to learn in depth about the wine-making process, in which you can also do a tasting to examine different flavors and also have fun!

In the United States, there are endless places for wine tourism located around the country, the most important being Charlottesville, Virginia; Finger Lakes, New York; Napa, California; Fredericksburg, Texas; and Sonoma, Calif. Surely you have one near you, so prepare your best winery outfits to visit one of the most incredible places: a vineyard.

winery outfits


Loose dresses are fresh, comfortable and perfect, they adapt to any silhouette, they are available in short, midi or long versions, in addition to having thousands of possibilities with flowery, satin or plain styles, they are very versatile and you can use with tennis, espadrilles, ankle boots or sandals.

Light colors help us feel cooler even in hot weather, that's why we go for a relaxed and casual look, with a flowing beige or white dress, and the perfect accessory is a pair of Mezcalero’s STELLA SHINY WHITE, a leather western style white color. We promise you that with this combination you can achieve one of the most relaxed vineyard outfits.

casual winery outfits


This piece created in 1919 to be used by paratroopers in extreme activity became a very popular garment over a few decades, in fact between the 60's and 70's it was widely used and not only among women, but also by men. The jumpsuits were mostly unisex models, creating a total revolution that would mark the history of fashion and thus becoming a piece that would come to stay.

If we talk about wine tour outfits. and you choose a jumpsuit, it won't matter if it's elegant, sporty or casual, you just worry about choosing the most suitable footwear, if you opt for a relaxed jumpsuit, you can opt for sneakers in a neutral color that stand out, it could be the CHIARA ROCK, handmade sneakers with non-slip soles that we guarantee could be the best footwear that will give the final touch to your cute winery outfit.

winery outfit


But if you opt for a short jumpsuit in light tones, a pair of long boots will highlight your legs, and the Mezcalero’s MIRTA CAMEL are the ideal style, made of honey color suede, it is combinable with any of your winery outfit ideas, and they will give you a sophisticated and elegant look.

winery outfit ideas


Jeans, the basic and classic denim piece that we all have in our wardrobes, will not be difficult to combine, since it goes well with practically everything! If you combine them with the ideal footwear you will obtain the perfect fusion, the BLAZE RED KISSED will be the fire that will complete your outfit for the vineyard. Unique, attractive and interesting.

fall winery outfits


Visiting a vineyard involves walking a few hours under the sun, so it would not hurt to add these two accessories to your cute winery outfit, you can use suede or woven Indiana hats, which will give that western touch to your outfit for the vineyard in question. There are multiple styles, colors and designs of hats, it's just a matter of looking for the one you like best, don't forget sunglasses either, it will be necessary to protect your eyes from the sun's rays, dust and wind.

outfit for winery
Now you are ready and you know perfectly how to go dressed to a vineyard, do not miss the opportunity to take a tour of those magical places that our country has and do not miss the opportunity to find in MEZCALERO the magic that will give the perfect touch to your winery outfits.

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