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Fire the west
Campaign 2022

Autor: Creature Studio
7 mar 2023

October 14th 2022, in this exact date the new campaign was introduce, MEZCALERO made the first move by setting expectations on fire.

A essential message set the paist, introduce by a image of sculpure on fire. “FIRE THE WEST”, burning away the vision of the brand, the campaign capture the new horizen for a diferent era, were it was needed to burn it all so it can start from the ashes.


“They told us to be obedient, so now we lead …
They told us to be still, so now we ride …
They told us to play by the rules, we said …
we are the pioneers”.


Dont try to contol it, light it up, heritage is hard to burn away.



Creative Director & Photo Aaron Bravo
Production & Styling Guillermo Bribiesca
Film Assistance Voss Castelazo
Film Photo Bryan López
Cast Camila Cárdenas, Agustín Miguel, Carla Benítez
Crew Fernanda González, Alfredo García
Graphic Design Rafael Pérez, Teresa Barajas
Fashion Pieces Colectivo Creativo de Moda, Ángel Grave
Makeup Andrés Cárdenas
Voice Nath Bravo


Blog Guillermo Bribiesca

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