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What Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

by Creature Studio
Aug 31, 2022
Here at Mezcalero we will be the first to tell you that the comfort of mom jeans is irreplaceable. Now, if your goal is that in addition to comfort, you could have a unique and incomparable style, then you must ask yourself what shoes to wear with mom jeans. Our answer for you is: find good boots that make a perfect match.

There are so many options to choose from: tall or short, classic brown or colorful, and rounded toes, square toes, or pointy toes, but before we suggest the perfect match, let's go to the origin of 80s mom jeans.

The 80s and 90s take us back perfectly to that time when pop and rock dominated, when we listened to our favorite songs on discmans or cassettes, making it an experience to enjoy our favorite music. The computer and the internet began to gain popularity, we talked on the home telephone and of course cell phones hardly existed.

But there's something very peculiar about this fashion season. And it is that those years strongly marked trends that stayed forever, and today we want to talk to you about one of them: aesthetic mom jeans outfits.

Their name refers to the fact that they were the favorite jeans of many mothers of those years in the American suburbs, and of course, they opted for the comfort that these wide jeans gave them.

what shoes to wear with mom jeans

Their main characteristic is that they are high-waisted, starting a few centimeters above the navel body, lengthening the legs and giving an effect of greater stature, they have a loose and straight cut, so mom jeans are excellent for being in perfect comfort.


The fact that they are high-rise jeans makes it very easy to use them with t-shirts or short blouses, but also being wide, they give us a guideline to combine them with loose shirts. One of the icons that popularized outfits with mom jeans was: Lady Di, who imposed that fashion was not at odds with comfort and made it one of her favorite pieces.

You can use your basic blue mom jeans and combine them with Mezcalero boots like the HANNAH BLACK MAGIC, made of highly selected leather and with our characteristic and artisan stamp: Goodyear Welt construction.

shoes to wear with mom jeans


It is super important that when using our outfit with mom jeans we are careful not to use too bulky or thick shoes, on the contrary, it is important to use thin and light footwear.

A great alternative of shoes for white mom jeans could be, without a doubt, the classic Mezcalero ankle boots, our MAYE WHITE ISRAEL, handcrafted, white with a vintage finish, and that will complement the best of your outfits with mom jeans. Remember that 2 words that perfectly describe this style are: sophisticated and elegant, virtues that you will achieve perfectly with this outfit.

aesthetic mom jeans outfit


Today, there is a huge variety of mom jeans, which makes them ideal for putting together different outfits, also combining them with many types of footwear, leaving the door open to play with our style and creativity.

Normally we find them in a blue style, but currently the colors of these jeans have a huge range and can be found in any shade, pink mom jeans, red mom jeans, etc., which makes them even more useful and versatile when it comes to dressing. The possibilities, therefore, are huge, since you can create incredible outfits with mom jeans of any color, and you can combine them with your favorite sneakers: the DUDI GREEN DIVA, white with neon touches, simply electrifying.

80s mom jeans


The ones that will give a touch of rebellion to your outfits are the ripped mom jeans, but also an informal mood. With this type of jeans you will achieve that effortless style, a relaxed but very chic style. Combine them with shirts in basic colors or shirts rolled up the forearm and add a twist of elegance with our classic CHIARA BLACK booties with a classic style and completely glam to complement your outfit.

black mom jeans outfit

Now that you know that mom jeans are also a great statement-piece, and that boots are a fun staple in closets everywhere. This means the variations on your outfits are endless!

Take care of the details and always make sure you feel perfectly comfortable, check out our boots, booties and sneakers covering all styles, whether you want to go full-on Western, super girly, edgy, or simple and sober. It's time to unleash your wild west side!

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